Personal Assessment Personal Assessment
Personal Assessment

Prepared by

Generation Marketing

May 2024

What Causes Low Conversions?

Speed to Lead

  • Seconds versus minutes/hours
  • 40% of leads shop elsewhere
  • 95% of sales goes to first cotact

Weak Lead Engagement

  • Intent to buy low when info provided low
  • Lack of two way interaction
  • Lack of Real Time feedback

The Best Practices for Lead Response Management

Based on the research of James Oldroyd, PHD, visiting research fellow at M.I.T & David Elkington, C.E.O. of

  • 3 Years of Data
  • 15.000 Unique leads
  • 100,000 Call attempts

The focus

For the best results, how should companies respond to their leads?


Maximize results, minimize effort. Many of the results in this study are based on first call attempts, indicating how to get the job done right the first time.

Best days to make contact

Best days to make contact

Best times to make contact

Best times to make contact

Response time

Response time



Supercharge Your Leads

We accomplish two simple but CRITICAL things:

1. Significantly increase the amount of time your leads spend on your website/landing pages (sessions duration)

  • Session duration → conversion + more time for you to call them

2. Increase engagement with leads Two-way engaging interactive content (input & feedback) with leads

  • Curiosity about ourselves – we're all trying to determine what ‘makes us tick’
  • Confirmation bias - personality assessments tend to confirm theories we already have about who we are and why we like the things we like
  • People love to get real-time feedback of a score, a grade or a personalized outcome based on the responses they give to questions
  • Personality Assessment (PA) helps visitors determine areas for improvement or how they stack up against their peers, letting them self-evaluate or self-learn. Based on visitor responses to questions, UCPA delivers personalized recommendations for improvements.

What is Generation Marketing's Personality Assessment?

Generation Marketing (GM) developed an interactive personality assessment (PA) software designed to improve lead conversion rates by enhancing lead engagement through self-reflection and charting of career paths.

We inject ourselves between you and your lead to supercharge the likelihood of conversions for you.

What problem does GMs Personality Assessment solve?

  • Improve conversion rates
  • Increase lead engagement, duration and depth of interaction
  • Gain better understanding of leads strengths and opportunities
  • Identify leads most interested in continuing their education
  • Attain greater connection between leads and Admissions staff

Who is Generation Marketing?

We represent a commitment to partnering with schools to provide a better understanding of the quality and depth of their leads no matter the marketing/media channel. With a deep understanding of our demographic and the challenges they often are faced with, our goal is to guide prospects to exceeding theirs. As a result, your admissions and counseling staff are better equiped with additional information to enhance students experience and outcomes.

Reduce bounce rate through additional call to actions (CTA)

On Google Analytics, the tracking hierarchy for metrics is as follows:

  • Users/Traffic
  • Bounce Rate
  • Conversion Rate
  • Session Duration

Analytics tools track thousands of pieces of data. With session duration in the top four metrics, it’s no wonder it needs a little attention now and then. Keep in mind, that the “session” is the full time that a user is on the website. This could include multiple page visits and product views, which are other key analytics that are being tracked by Google and others.

What is the Personality Assessment?

  • Four-pronged approach to our personality assessment:
    • Introductory
    • Reflective/Traits
    • Worries/Concerns
    • Follow up
  • Completely modular to fit the needs of every school
  • Every aspect of content can be edited, rearranged or simply modified
  • GM will train your staff/users - three levels of user permissions
  • Summary sent to lead and school (integration)

How does it work? 

  • Landing page is designed, designated for your website
  • Lead demographics entered or populated (if collected previously)
  • Launch interactive personality assessment 
  • Continuity of engagement with leads

Who should take the Personality Assessment?

  • Any prospect that is generated from any/all of your marketing channels
  • Turn-Key personality assessments are available for the following areas of study:
    • Business
    • IT
    • Medical
    • Trades
    • Social
    • Admissions Interview (general assessment)

Why Work With Generation Marketing? 

  • Combined 50+ years' experience in post-secondary education
  • Collectively worked with 1500+ private post-secondary schools 
  • Executive experience operating a private-post secondary school
  • We know our students, our industry and its lead flow and process
  • Engagement is the key to increasing conversion rates

Conversions Statistics

  • The average website conversion rate is 2.35%
  • The best websites have conversion rates of 11% or more
  • The average mobile conversion rate is around 1.53%
  • …compared to 4.14% on desktop
  • The highest average conversion rate by traffic source is paid search (2.9%)
  • On average, 44% of B2B clicks go to homepages, not landing pages
  • Reducing the number of form fields from 11 to 4 generates 120% more conversions
  • Multi-page forms have higher average completion rates than single-page forms
  • ‘Click Here’ converts better than ‘Submit’
  • Marketing automation boosts qualified leads by 451%
  • Longer landing pages generate 220% more leads than shorter landing pages
  • Removing page navigation from your landing pages boosts conversion rates by up to 100%
  • Videos increase landing page conversions by 86%
  • User-generated content boosts conversion rates
  • Personalized CTAs outperform non-personalized CTAs by 42%
  • Slow loading pages reduce conversions by 7%
  • 61% of marketers rank lead generation as their number one challenge
  • Leads are 9x more likely to convert when businesses follow-up within 5 minutes

Conversion rate by traffic source

Paid search
Organic search

Skyrocket Conversion Rates by 400% Using Interactive Marketing

Skyrocket Conversion Rates by 400% Using Interactive Marketing